Friday, January 23, 2009

Marcello's Italian Restaurant and Lighthouse Pub

Type of experience: Great!

Marcello's Italian Restaurant & Lighthouse Pub

110 N Tarnava, Port Isabel, Texas

Date and time: Friday, January 16, 2009, Evening

Surf and Turf: 6 oz sirloin and 4 grilled shrimp, salad with oil and vinegar, baked potato. Came to my table exactly as ordered, no bread, no croƻtons, and FABULOUSLY delicious. The steak was a real medium...juicy and full of flavor. My husband said the shrimp were tasty (they came on a separate dish as I'm allergic to shellfish too!) Salad was fresh and potato plentiful.

No Gluten Free menu is available at this restaurant.

Our waitperson was the manager, and he handled my order perfectly, checking on what options would work for me with the chef before ordering. Clearly, the kitchen followed his instructions completely.

All members of the party were pleased with their meals.

Would I eat at this restaurant again? YES...absolutely! As would the 11 other members of our party.

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~melissa said...

Fabulous Restaurant! I have eaten there many times myself, but not since I have gone GF, I will have to revisit here next time I am in South Padre Island