Tuesday, February 10, 2009

McDonald's Local Response


I spoke with the manager of the McDonald's in Port Isabel, TX this morning. He called me in response to my complaint. He was very apologetic and felt my question about the ice cream ingredients was an easy one, one that never should have resulted in an issue.

When the Assistant Manager didn't know the ingredients, he just should have said, 'I don't know." The manager will provide training to the employees concerning questions about ingredients and appreciated my bringing this issue to light.

As always, the intent of this blog is to educate. I come from a restaurant family and understand full well the activity that goes on behind the kitchen doors. It is possible for any of us to receive the facts needed to make informed decisions about our dietary needs. Any server should know what is in the food they are serving, or know where to find that information.

I did assure the manager that I was not looking to have Asst. Manager fired, just to educated. And...we will return to the restaurant for a chocolate sundae (and my husband's weekly fish sandwich!). I'm sure they taste as good as they look!

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